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On your mark, get set, go…Chenbot!

CBS announced today that Big Brother will return on Wednesday, June 26 while Big Brother: After Dark will move to TV Guide Network. It will air from 12:00-2:00 AM nightly.

The traditional 24/7 live feed from the Big Brother house will be available via subscription on

“We’re building on Big...


Big World, Small Screen: The Role of Television in American Society

Big World, Small Screen: The Role of Television in American Society

Big World, Small Screen assesses the influence of television on the lives of the most vulnerable and powerless in American society: children, ethnic and sexual minorities, and women. Many in these groups are addicted to television, although they are not the principal audiences sought by commercial TV distributors because they are not the most lucrative markets for advertisers. This important book illustrates the power of television in stereotyping the elderly, ethnic groups, gays and... Presents Small Screen, Big Picture Presents Small Screen, Big Picture

Take On Hollywood and Make It as a Television Writer. From, the media industry’s most well-respected source for jobs, professional development, and community, this inside-the-business guide gives you the knowledge and tools you need to infiltrate Hollywood and land a job as a TV writer. That’s right—Small Screen, Big Picture gives you a competitive edge over millions of other aspiring writers who share your talent, creativity, and determination . . . because after reading...

Small Screens, Big Ideas

Small Screens, Big Ideas

Small Screens, Big Ideas brings together specially commissioned writings from British and American contributors to explore themes of diversity in the formative period of the 1950s. With radical changes taking place in terrestrial television, this is a timely moment to revisit the decade when television's very novelty was its most striking feature. Discussing television's role in the construction of national and gender identities and its relation to other media such as theatre, film, and...

Staging the Real

Staging the Real

Staging the Real traces the evolution of the various categories of "reality" programs which have come to dominate our screens over the last decade. The book focuses on issues such as the changes in the broadcasting environment which have given rise to such programs, the relationship they have to other popular TV genres and the huge appeal that shows such as Big Brother have for contemporary audiences. The book also seeks to measure the cultural significance of these new formats. Do they...

Big Chuck!

Big Chuck!

* Now In Paperback * Cleveland TV legend "Big Chuck" Schodowski tells hundreds of funny and surprising stories from a lifetime in television--in his familiar, good-natured, Cleveland-to-the-bone style.Since 1960, Chuck has been on camera, behind the camera, and in the director's chair. He collaborated with Ernie Anderson on the groundbreaking "Ghoulardi" show, and continued to host a late-night show across four decades--the longest such run in TV history. He worked alongside a host of...

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