Car TVs: Big in Japan (but no longer for export) - News On Japan

Technically, it's illegal under Japanese law to "stare" at an in-car screen, but-crucially-it's not against the law to glance at one, even with a live TV feed. Critics call that a distinction without a difference. Police in Japan say it's largely unenforceable. While there has been little in the way of an organized protest movement, the government's blasé attitude has raised the ire of at least...

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Farrah Abraham Not Allowed to Drink for Six Months, Must Have Breathalyzer in Car

Farrah Abraham will have a long, dry summer thanks to a plea arrangement ... She recently came into a great deal of money thanks to an intimate adult video she made, as well as endorsements from a weight loss company and limousine service.

Leaders mum on genesis of kicking journalists out of UW

Here are six things the Joint Finance Committee did that you may not know about: »Read Full Blog Post (4) The change will enable the fraternal benefit organization to sell insurance products — such life, disability, long-term care and ...

Texas jury acquits man who shot escort after she refused sex

A jury in Bexar County, near San Antonio, has acquitted a man who admits to shooting a Craigslist escort. But he claims he had a lawful reason. Ezekiel Gilbert met with Lenora Ivie Frago, 23, on Christmas Eve 2009. When she refused to have sex ...

My car with 4 tv's

This my car.

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