The Most Important Element of a YouTube Video: Not Video? |

Most people believe there is a holy grail of hidden tricks to success on YouTube. Sure, you can make sexy thumbnails and put Justin Bieber in your tags, but how long can you get by with cheap tricks and an ever-changing YouTube API? Flashy 3D intros, lens flares in your transitions – sure, they’re all eye-catching, but what really inspires people to click that subscribe button and...

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Audi Cross Coupe quattro Concept (2007)

The transversely installed four-cylinder inline TDI engine with common-rail fuel injection and piezo injectors is a completely new development ... Audi Cross Coupé also has the "efficiency" driving program. Here, the engine map and the shift points ...

Did Ed Miliband's social security speech get it right?

You must get a job "so long as adequate childcare is available ... not placate the bottomless pit of right-wing, ideological cruelty. What people want more than anything right now is something – someone – they can believe in.

Human Editors Are Returning To Music

The highlighted and featured albums in the genre sections--which are handpicked by Apple employees--do often give that wow ... of content and is hiring more in-house editors. Curating the news seems like a job for a computer rather than a human as an ...

Element Electronics 32" HDTV

Budget TV I picked up a Wal-Mart for $350. Great for those who are looking for a good second TV or are on a strict budget.

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