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LCD screen television viewing is great. People prefer to buy LCD televisions these days. The ordinary television or typical television is rather positioned in the suited room and you have to see television as per that angle. The flat screen LCD television screen leads to the accessibility and space saving.

The roll out flat panel television provides many benefits...

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TVS Diode Array from Littelfuse Reduces Clamping Voltage up to 35% to Protect Cutting-Edge Telecommunications Chipsets

These ports can be found in a wide range of equipment such as switches, gateways, pico/femtocells, LCD/PDP TVs, set-top boxes, notebooks/ultrabooks, diagnostic/medical equipment and monitors/flat panel displays. "As IC process geometries ...

Flexible display market braces for colossal growth

With their thin, light and unbreakable nature, flexible displays initially are expected to be used in smaller-sized products, such as mobile phones and MP3 players. However, once large-size displays are available, flexible technology will be used in bigger ...

Flat Panel Public Display Market to Grow 23%

Flat panel glass production has increased dramatically since consumers’ preferences have shifted from cathode-ray tube (CRT) TVs to flat panel screens. Generally, 11-13 percent boron oxide is used in flat panel glass production. Alkaline materials ...

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