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Hidden Object Adventure, 5 Pack
Hidden Object Adventure, 5 Pack
Price: $7.92
  • 5 incredible hidden-object adventures in 1 pack
  • A treasure trove of beautifully rendered hidden...
  • Compelling storylines drive each of these seek...
  • Hundreds of hidden objects to find
  • Incredible variety and value
Midnight Mysteries 4-Pack AMR
Midnight Mysteries 4-Pack AMR
Price: $7.95
  • Devil on the Mississippi
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Haunted Houdini
  • Salem Witch Trials
Viva Media Mystery Masters: Carnival of Crime Collector's Edition, 20 Pack
Viva Media Mystery Masters: Carnival of Crime Collector's Edition, 20 Pack
Price: $14.75
  • Solve gripping mini games
  • Investigate Hidden Object Scenes
  • Discover devious clues and perplexing secrets
  • Experience 20 spellbinding adventures of...

Hidden Object PC games @ Walmart or for Downloading ...

I used to be a hardcore computer in 6 or more hours everyday, to the point that my dreams were lived in the last game session. It was great fun, totally rewired my hand eye coordination for the better, and exposed me to a vast world of feelings and information. Over the last three years, it has tapered down. I still think about Fallout and Oblivion (Role playing games), but the rest...

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Big Fish Casino UK -- First Synchronous Multiplayer Mobile Roulette Game

the first 16-player synchronous multiplayer bracket tournament game, and "Found," a popular hidden object adventure ... seeking engaging entertainment easily discover and play PC and mobile games created by Big Fish's network of more than 140 exclusive ...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Heroes Self-Assemble

Traveller's Tales used the Lego franchise to do a couple of different DC games, several kinds of Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and even Harry Potter. So it's only natural that the next big geek franchise it tackled would be Marvel Super ...

Talking book

That data is transmitted to a nearby iPhone, which generates an audio story that the reader hears through bluetooth headphones. In some ways it’s an evolutionary step from the book-and-cassette stories I had as a boy. However, because the technology ...

Download Hidden Object Games for PC at Daily1Game Download & play hidden object games on PC. There are various best seller downloadable hidden object games like...

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