Xbox One controller blends the old with the new | GamesRadar

With Microsoft's official Xbox One reveal, we've gotten a glimpse at the company's foray into the next generation of consoles. But what's a console without a controller? Alongside Microsoft's newest gaming device, the Xbox One controller and upgraded Kinect were also unveiled.

This clutter-free controller sports the same basic form as the 360 gamepad, but little adjustments have been...

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Xbox One Controller Details Revealed

Microsoft is known for extensively testing their products, and has done so with “a broader age group than ever before to ensure ... They specifically mention AA batteries, suggesting that the controller won’t be using battery packs this ...

Diablo III Will Crawl Onto PS3 And Xbox 360 This September

After months of speculation, it was recently announced that console versions of Diablo III are, in fact, in the works. However, at that time, we were only told about the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions, and hadn’t heard anything about ...

Advanced Control Tech Now Offering the Most Advanced Small Desktop CNC Routers and Bench Top CNC Machines on the Market

Advanced Control Tech’s new DCM-III, the latest addition to its line of small, desktop CNC router based milling machines, has a light weight but incredibly solid, strong construction to perform complex milling operations with high precision and accuracy.

Best Gamepads for the PC

Here are reviews for some of the best and worst gamepads you can find for the PC. Playing FPS or RTS games is a no brainer for PC, just use a keyboard and mo...

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