Company of Heroes 2 story trailer suggests war might ... - PC Gamer

Well thanks, morose Russian soldier man. Here I was thinking about Company of Heroes 2 , and getting all excited for another slice of deep RTS action, when suddenly you decide to bring the mood down. Yes, technically war might be a little bit rubbish. But when it’s restricted to my computer, it’s great. Although, even then, I guess I could understand his lack of enthusiasm. I did...

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Total War: Rome 2 preview - Fights of the old republic | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "If you ever see an elephant in the wild, I really think you want to be standing behind it rather than in front of it. Standing behind it when it charges is dazzling, in fact - at least if Total War: Rome 2 is anything to go by." (PC, Total Wa ..

Report equates financial conflicts with more dangerous drugs

Read Full Article (7) The approval of the addition Wednesday by an advisory policy board of the FBI has long been sought by people in the Sikh community Sikhs have been targeted with attacks, including the massacre in Oak Creek that claimed the ...

Maryland Special Olympics ambassador carries flame with can-do attitude

When Michael Heup trotted down the hill from the World War II Memorial to Jonas Green State Park in Annapolis, he was beaming. By his side was Anne Arundel County Police Cpl. Mike Shier, and more than 100 police officers jogged behind him. In ...

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